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Google Docs is an online service provided by Google which allows you to upload your Outlook note files to their online storage and then access those notes from your Android.  You will first need to export your note files from Outlook into a folder (explained below) and then upload your notes to Google Docs.  From there, the Android can view them.  After the notes are stored in Google Docs, you must remember to add or edit the notes in Google Docs instead of in Outlook.  Changes to notes in Outlook after the export will be seen only in Outlook - they will not be synced.

In this procedure, the notes are saved as a Word documents on the PC and the Android may open them with the native QuickOffice.

To get things working, the procedure is fairly simple and should take 15 minutes.

  • The first step is to export the notes from Outlook into a folder on your computer.  Click here for a complete SyncDroid description of the process.  Once that is complete, return here for step two.
  • Second, go to Google Docs and set up a special folder for your notes.  I went to the default "My folders" and created a folder called "Notes".  You can name it what you like.
  • Next, upload your note documents into Google Docs.
    • In Google Docs, select Upload.
    • Select Destination Folder and select the folder you created for your notes.  I selected Notes under "My folders".  Click OK.
    • Click Select files to upload.
    • In the popup window, drill down to the C: drive and then the Notes folder.  
    • Click on one of the note files to highlight it.  Next, press Ctrl-A (Ctrl key and A key at the same time) and all files will now be highlighted.
    • Now click Open.  You will see  your note files listed.  Some people have hundreds or thousands of notes.  I don't know the limit of files that may be uploaded at a time.  Some of you may need to improvise the instructions.
    • Be sure the Convert documents line is checked.
    • Click on the Start upload button and your notes will be uploaded to Google Docs.
  • On the Android, go to the Market and search for and install GDocs.  If you prefer another Google Docs viewing and syncing app, you may use that instead.
  • Run the GDocs app.
    • It will ask for your credential.  Enter your Google Docs Username and Password.
    • You will see a black screen with your Username.  Select it.
    • GDocs will show you a list of all your documents.  They are color coded to the left.  Here is the key:
      • Brown - this document is not in Google Docs format and cannot be viewed by GDocs.
      • Blue - This document may be selected and downloaded for viewing.  Press this document to download it.
      • Magenta - This document is being downloaded or uploaded.  Please wait.
      • Cyan - This document has been downloaded.  Selecting it will open the document.

There are a few considerations.  If you must keep using Outlook as your note program, using Google Docs does not allow you to sync Outlook notes with the Android.  You must edit your notes from Google docs on your PC.  Alternately, there are services that will sync a folder on your PC with Google Docs like Syncplicity or programs that will sync your Google Docs with folders on your PC.  New programs for accessing Google Docs from your PC and Android are being created daily, so take your pick.