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Evernote is a free note syncing alternative installed on your PC which allows you to sync your notes from your PC to your Android device.  Once installed, Evernote will allow you to easily export your notes from Outlook into Evernote and then sync to your Android device.  I tried this program and it worked flawlessly and was extremely simple.

Some considerations are that the free version puts a small, unobtrusive advertisement in the bottom left corner of the Evernote program screen and that your notes are stored online with Evernote.  Remember, this is an independent program and does not allow syncing Notes from Outlook.

To get things working, the procedure is very simple and should take 5 or 10 minutes.

  • First, download and install the free version of Evernotes and install it by clicking here.  Be sure Outlook is closed.
  • After it is installed, it will ask you to log in and you can then create your account.
  • Open Outlook and go to your notes.  Highlight all notes you wish to export.  Right click and select Add To Evernote.  Your notes are now exported.  It was that easy.
  • By default, synchronization takes place every hour, but you can now press Sync from the toolbar in Evernote and they will be online at the Evernote site.
  • Now, go to the Android market on your Android device, search for Evernote, and install it.  
  • After you open the app, you will be asked to enter your account and password.  Do this.
  • Press the Menu button and select Notes.  Your notes are there!