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Dropbox is free software designed to sync any type of file between devices, but in our case we will be using it as an alternative to sync Outlook note files to an Android device.  You will first need to export your note files from Outlook into a folder (explained below) and then use Dropbox to sync the note files to the Android.  After the notes are exported into a folder, you must add to or edit the notes in that folder instead of Outlook.  Changes to notes in Outlook after the export will be seen only in Outlook - they will not be synced.

Dropbox supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Dropbox will sync the notes to their own servers through a secure connection from both the PC and Android device.

In this procedure, the notes are saved as a Word documents on the PC and the Android may open them with the native QuickOffice.  I have not tried this procedure on Outlook on a Mac.  I would appreciate any feedback from Mac users who try this.

To get things working, the procedure is fairly simple and should take 15 minutes.

  • The first step is to export the notes from Outlook into a folder on your computer.  Click here for a complete SyncDroid description of the process.  Once that is complete, return here for step two.
  • The second step is to install Dropbox on your PC.
    • Visit here to download and install Dropbox.
    • Immediately after Dropbox is installed, it will ask you if you have a Dropbox account or not.  If you do not, then select that option and you will be helped to create one.  Write down the account information for the next step.
    • You will be asked if you want to use their free 2 Gig of storage space or if you want to pay to upgrade.  2 Gig should be more than enough to store your Outlook notes.
    • After a short tour of Dropbox, which you can skip, you will be asked if you want to choose where to put your dropbox folder.  Select this option and pick the place where you put your Outlook notes from the first step.  This can always be changed later.
  • The third step is to install Dropbox on your Android.  Go to the Market on your Android and search for and install Dropbox.  Again, it will ask you for your account.  Just enter the information for the account you created in step two.
  • When you open Dropbox on your Android, you should see all of your notes.

There are some things to consider.  If you must keep using Outlook as your note program, using Dropbox does not allow you to sync Outlook notes with the Android.  Also, the files are stored unsecured on the SD card in a folder called Dropbox.  

Unless a file is encrypted or password protected, it can be viewed by anyone who can access the SD card.  If the file is stored as a Word document, it is possible to password protect the document and open the Dropbox copy on the Android with the paid version of Documents To Go (QuickOffice will not open password protected documents).  However, for a few dollars bad guys can purchase the decryption of a password protected Word document in a matter of seconds by online sites, with even the strongest password.  I am constantly looking for good encryption software that will work on both Windows and Android.  I will post something if I find it and if you know of some, please contact me.