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Before I start with this review, I want to give a personal word of encouragement.  I have used this method of syncing with my customers and my wife and in my opinion this is the absolute best way of syncing an Android with Outlook.  If you happen to have a massive calendar and a vast number of contacts, you will be overwhelmingly disappointed with any other solution. This sync method is extremely fast - even with outrageous amounts of data when all other wireless sync methods are agonizingly slow.

Android devices have built in functionality to sync email, calendar, and contacts with Microsoft Exchange servers. Outlook also syncs with Exchange Servers, which makes Exchange the conduit for syncing between the Android and Outlook.  This method works with any version of Outlook on a PC or Mac, although cloud based Exchange servers like Office 365 will require Outlook 2007-2016.

Please note that Android devices do not natively have Notes and Tasks apps, so notes and tasks cannot be synced from Outlook to the Android using this method.  You may use a third party software like CompanionLink that provides Android Note and Task apps if you wish to sync these.  The third party software can work together with Exchange or Office 365 to provide syncing of all Outlook data.

To use the Exchange sync method, you have a couple of options.  For a company, you may already have an Exchange server.  If you do not have an Exchange server, you still have two great options.  First, a company may host their email accounts with their own domain names with Microsoft using Office 365 at the cost of only $48 per year per email address ($4 per month).  Optionally, individuals may create new email accounts with Office 365 for the same price.

Microsoft has many different plans from which you may choose for Office 365.  The least expensive plan is called Exchange Online Plan 1, which is the plan that costs $48 per year.  I have included quick links at the bottom of this review to help you purchase the $48 Exchange 365 Plan 1 directly.

There are many benefits to using Exchange 365:

  • Data is stored on Microsoft's Exchange 365 servers and is backed up and maintained by Microsoft.
  • Exchange 365 uses 3 antivirus programs to scan each email to provide superior protection.
  • Email may be securely accessed online through allowing access to email, calendar, and contacts from anywhere with an internet connection.  View from home, office, vacation, business trips, or anywhere.  The website even looks like Outlook 2013 for a familiar interface.
  • Any number of devices can connect to Exchange 365 to sync your data.  Sync your work and home PCs using Outlook, your Android, your iPad and your iPhone.
  • If your PC or phone dies, you can sync Outlook right back with Exchange 365 on a new PC or phone or just go to and forget about Outlook on that new PC or laptop.
  • Email, calendar, and/or contacts may be shared with other users with the same email domain.  For instance, an attorney may share his calendar with his legal secretary and she may make appointments for him from within Outlook on her PC.  If he is at court, he can enter a new trial date in his Android and she will see it instantly in Outlook.  If she enters a new appointment in Outlook for him, he can see it instantly in his Android.  In this way, his time will not be double booked.

If you need assistance, I am available to set up Exchange Online for you or your company and configure Outlook.  I can do all of this remotely and you may watch the configuration.  I can also remotely configure Samsung Androids.  For iPhones, iPads, and non-Samsung Androids, I can talk you through that portion of the configuration.  I offer this as paid support and you may contact me in the United States at 316-304-8033.

The following quick links will allow you to purchase the $48 per year Exchange 365 Plan 1 directly from Microsoft in the quantity listed from 1 to 10.

  1. 1 email account   for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  2. 2 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  3. 3 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  4. 4 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  5. 5 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  6. 6 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  7. 7 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  8. 8 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  9. 9 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1
  10. 10 email accounts for Exchange 365 Plan 1

If you require more email accounts or further customized Office 365 purchases, please use the Contact link at the top of the page to make your requests and I will respond as soon as possible.