My name is Corey Ames and I produce  I started this site out of overwhelming need.  When I bought my Droid, there was no way provided to sync my Outlook information to it.  I searched through dozens of forums for a solution.  I found helpful Android enthusiasts mentioning a solution here or there, but there was never a complete listing of all software available.  I also found each solution would sync different Outlook items in various ways.  It was so confusing I had to sit down and create a spreadsheet to make sense of it all.  It was clear that many thousands of people were having the same problems, so I decided to create a website to help.  At this time, nearly two thousand people come here daily for help from all over the world.

I desire this to be the premier location to provide information on all available sync software between Android systems and Outlook/Exchange. 

The number of Outlook to Android sync solutions is constantly growing.  If you know of or produce synchronization software and wish to add to the growing list of products, please Contact Us.  If you have any suggestions on how to enhance the site to be more beneficial, please Contact Us.

I own a small IT company in Wichita, KS, USA called Icthus Technology and provide paid consulting and technical support for customers.  If you wish to have paid support choosing an Android solution, you may visit my Icthus Technology website and call the number clearly listed on the page.  The cost will be $40 billed in half hour increments.  Please understand that I can only offer PAID support.  This is how I make a living.  If you want FREE support, kindly select the FORUMS link at the top of the page and post your question there.