Welcome to Syncdroid.net.  We provide the most complete list of software to sync Outlook and Exchange to an Android device. Below is a table of Outlook and Exchange sync software for Android devices and a table of alternative note syncing software.  Compare your needs with the charts to find your best solution.  Click on the name of the software to see a review of the product.

     To sync Outlook to an Android, Syncdroid recommends:  

    • CompanionLink for Windows
    • SyncMate on a Mac
    • Sync2 when also syncing Outlook on 2 different PCs for a 1 time cost
    • Exchange as the best solution with recurring yearly costs
    • TouchDown to enable syncing everything in Outlook with Exchange 365
    • Calling us for personal paid consultation and installation at $40 per half hour at 316-304-8033

    cool We have created a new website that explains Self-Encrypting Drives and how they work.  If you need/require your data secured, visit Selfencryptingdrives.info for easy to understand information.

    frown Samsung no longer provides software to sync newer Androids with Outlook. smileyInstead we suggest you consider CompanionLink.

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    Outlook and Exchange Sync Software (chart description is found below) 


    The following table contains alternative note sync software.  To be clear, this means you must export your notes from Outlook and use them in the other software (we tell  you how) and, thereafter, any changes you make to your notes in Outlook will not be reflected on your Android.  Some of these solutions are very nice.


    Alternative Note Sync Software

    Software Title

    Click on it to

    see an overview

    Price Conduit Auto Sync Outlook Version Platform
    Dropbox Free Dropbox Yes N/A PC/Mac
    Evernote Free Evernote Yes N/A PC/Mac
    Google Docs Free Google Docs Yes N/A PC/Mac


    Chart Description:

    • Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Email indicate whether or not the software will sync those specific items.  A "Yes" means it will be synced.  The overview of the product explains further.
    • Encrypt/Password: "Encrypt" indicates some data is encrypted and "Password" indicates some data is password protected.  The overview of the product explains further.
    • Price is listed in US dollars. Prices converted to dollars are estimates and may change with exchange rates.
    • Android Apps indicates this vendor requires apps for the Android for functionality.  "Provided" means the vendor provides the apps.  "Required" means they require you to find apps (usually free) to complete the functionality.  The overview of the product explains further.
    • Uses Gmail: A "Yes" indicates this software syncs the Outlook data items with Google's services associated with a Gmail account.  This includes possible syncing with Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts, and Google Docs.
    • Uses USB: A "Yes" indicates this software requires a USB data cable connection to perform the sync.
    • Uses Wireless: A "Yes" indicates this software uses the data carrier's wireless network to sync data.
    • Uses Wi-Fi: A "Yes" indicates this software uses a local Wi-Fi network to sync data.
    • Uses Bluetooth: A "Yes: indicates this software uses Bluetooth to sync data.
    • Exchange: A "Yes" indicates this software will sync with an Exchange server.
    • Auto Sync: A "Yes" indicates this software will automatically sync.  Software that connects through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth requires the device to be in proximity of the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to automatically sync.
    • Outlook Version denotes what versions of Outlook are supported by the software.  The minimum version supported is listed and all versions released thereafter are supported.  *Indicates Outlook 2010 64 bit version is not supported.
    • Platform indicates whether a PC or Mac is supported by this software.  Some solutions (specifically Exchange connections) do not require a PC and are platform independent.
    • Support:  This indicates the type of support available for this product.
    • Android Version:  Indicates the version of the Android operating system that is supported.
    • Calendar Subfolders: A "Yes" indicates this software supports syncing a calendar and its subfolders in some fashion.
    • Contact Subfolders: A "Yes" indicates this software supports syncing a contact folder and its subfolders in some fashion.
    • Calendar Categories:A "Yes" indicates the software syncs calendar categories to the Android.
    • Contact Categories: A "Yes" indicates the software syncs contact categories to the Android.
    • Multiple Contact Folders: A "Yes" indicates the software can sync multiple contact folders (not just subfolders) to the Android.
    • Multiple Calendars: A "Yes" indicates the software can sync multiple calendar folders (not just subfolders) to the Android.
    • Sync Contact Notes: If synced, the number of characters in the note is listed as accurately as possible.  Where size is unknown, a "Yes" is indicated.
    • Sync Contact Photos: A "Yes" indicates the software can will sync contact pictures.
    • Sync Contact Direction: The direction of the sync between Outlook and the Android is indicated.
    • Free Trial: If a free trial version of the software is available, information is listed regarding the offer.  If the software is free, "Free" is indicated.

    We provide a non-exhaustive list of Android devices here for your convenience.